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Basketball free throw: Practice and imagery - Eamon Brown, Stephen Chipps, Anthony Ellison and Lachlan Fear.

Basketball psychology - Various articles by Dr Mitchell Smith.

Basketball, sports psychology and peak performance

Coach's notebook - In the drop down "Topics" menu in the top right hand corner there are a number of articles from a coaches perspective ranging from Building Character, Coaching Philosophy, Desired Traits, Disciplining Players, Player Conduct, Player Communication and many more.

Communication and mental toughness

How can athletes be helped in order to keep violence off the court? - By Clair Alvies.

Preventing choking and downward performance cycles - Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.

Psychological momentum in basketball -Article written by Dennis B. Sprague, Ph.D.

Questions and answers regarding motivation, leadership and coaching psychology

State anxiety of women basketball players prior to competition - Sara L. Elgin (Full study article).

Ten strategies for coaches in achieving mental success - By Craig Nathanson, Danville, California, U.S.A.

The effects of an imagery rehearsal, relaxation and self-talk package on basketball game performance - Kendall, G., Hrycaiko, D., Martin, G.L. and Kendall, T. (1990). Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 12, 157-166 (Abstract from Coaching Science Abstracts).

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The Hot Hand, Miracle, Mastery or Myth? - By Dr. Robert M. Adams, Department of Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University.

The NBA rookie career transition - By Dov Friedmann.

The profile of an Olympic Gold Medallist - By Cristina Bortoni Versari, Ph.D.

The relationship between motivational climate and intrinsic motivation of basketball players in an Australian setting - Michael Dahdal, Luigi Guidone, Ante Juric, Harry Kapsimalis, Andre Palet.


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