Distractions: What not to think of

Game psychology

Golf in science - Putting under stress - By Debbie Crews, Ph.D.

Golf psychology - Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find links to various articles covering psychological issues of golf.

How a young professional golfer used imagery to conquer his persistent back pain

Mental magic - 10 keys to unlock the mind game

Mental training golf tips

Peak performance psychology for golfers - Links to various articles relating to The Psychology of Golf.

Playing mind games that help you win - By Gary A. Beale, Ph.D.

Positive thinking: Golf

Pre-competition imagery, self-efficacy and performance in collegiate golfers - Beauchamp, M.R., Bray, S.R. and Albinson, J.G. (2002). J Sports Sci, 20(9), 697-705 (Full journal article).

Psychology of golf - Various articles from Dr P.J. Cohn.

Sharpen your mental games skills - Tips for success from Dr P.J Cohn.

Sport psychology - designed thinking

Sport psychology training program - Focused golf articles.

Sports psychology with Lesley Goddard

Sprague sport psychology - Articles on Sport Psychology and how it can help you improve your golf game.

The golfing mind - Links to a number of articles about The Psychology of Golf.

The mental game

The zone and golf - Tom Ferraro, Ph.D. (Full study article).

Mind Games I, II and III - Look under heading EPZ articles for a three-part feature on Golf Psychology.



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