Gymnastics (See also Rhythmic gymnastics)

Anxiety in Elite Young Gymnasts: Part 1 - Definitions of stress and relaxation

Anxiety in Elite Young Gymnasts: Part 2 - Sources of stress

Are you training your mental game or just thinking about it? - By Dr. Julie Ness.

Coaching to overcome fear - By Alison Arnold, Ph.D.

Creating a healthy & effective motivational climate By Marilyn Strawbridge, Ph.D. & Nancy Marshall, B.A.

Eating disorders and gymnastics - By Ana Cintado.

Gymnastics: The way it should be  - By Ryan Jordan. Looks essentially at the stresses encountered in gymnastics and how this could be overcome.

Gymnasts in training: The differential effects of self- and coach-set goals as a function of locus of control - Lambert, S. M., Moore, D. W. and Dixon, R. S. (1999). Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 11, 72-82 (Abstract from Coaching Science Abstracts).

Injury, anxiety and mood in competitive gymnasts - Kolt, G.S. and Kirkby, R.J. (1994). Percept Mot Skills, 78(3 Pt 1), 955-962 (Abstract from PubMed).

Participation motives of young Australian and Chinese gymnasts - Kirkby, R.J., Kolt, G.S. and Liu, J. (1999). Percept Mot Skills, 88(2), 363-373 (Abstract from PubMed).

Psychological characteristics of male gymnasts: Differences between competitive levels - Spink, K.S. (1990). J Sports Sci, 8(2), 149-157 (Abstract from PubMed).

Psychological strategies used by competitive gymnasts to overcome fear of injury - T. Michelle Magyar, Melissa A. Chase, Ph.D.

Psychology and safety in gymnastics - Dr. Joe Massimo.

Task force on USA gymnastics response to the female athlete triad - Looks at issues such as disordered eating.

The effect of cognitive rehearsal training on performance and self-report of anxiety in novice and intermediate female gymnasts - Decaria, M.D. (1977). Dissertation Abstracts International, 38(1-B), 351 (Abstract from Coaching Science Abstracts).

The winning way - Various articles.

Women's artistic gymnastics judges' sources of stress


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