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A swimmers guide to mental toughness

Articles about psychology from Swim City

Competitive worries, sports confidence and performance ratings for young swimmers -Psychountaki, M. and Zervas, Y. (2000). Percept. Mot. Skills, 91(1), 87-94 (Abstract from PubMed).

Concentration: The ability to stick to your game plan - By Nick Redshaw (2002) Sports Psychologist, Wellington Swimming Club

Frequently asked psychology questions - By Suzie Tuffey.

How sport psychology and mental toughness training can make you a champion in the pool

Mental toolbox -Produced by The Sports Psychology Department at USA Swimming.

Mood alteration with yoga and swimming: Aerobic exercise may not be necessary  - Berger, B.G. and Owen, D.R. (1992). Percept Mot Skills, 75(3 Pt 2), 1331-1343 (Abstract from PubMed)

Pre-competitive feeling states and directional anxiety interpretations - Jones, G. and Hanton, S. (2001). J Sports Sci, 19 (6), 385-395 (Full journal article).

Swimming psychology articles - A range of journal abstracts associated with The Psychology of Swimming.

The Complete Athlete - By Nick Redshaw

The place for music in swimming - By Brendon Dedekind.

The psychology of swimming - Various links to articles relating to The Psychology of Swimming.

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