Attributional control: Learned optimism

Case study: An individualised feedback system for tennis players

Crisis measurement: How to handle pressure

How a promising young tennis player was rescued from the clutches of overtraining

Measures of anxiety among tennis players in singles and doubles matches - Terry, P.C., Cox, J.A., Lane, A.M. and Karageorghis, C.I. (1996). Percept Mot Skills, 83(2), 595-603 (Abstract from PubMed).

Mental equipment - Mental equipment.

Mental toughness - Bu Nancy W.

Mind training for tennis - Articles by Craig Townsend.

Mood states of professional female tennis players - Wughalter, E.H. and Gondola, J.C.  (1991). Percept Mot Skills, 73(1), 187-190 (Abstract from PubMed).

Motivational climate and goal orientations as predictors of perceptions of improvement, satisfaction and coach ratings among tennis players - Balaguer, I., Duda, J.L. and Crespo, M. (1999). Scand J Med Sci Sports, 9(6), 381-388 (Abstract from PubMed).

Playing tennis in the zone - Matthew Krug (Full study article).

Positive and negative stimuli in relation to tennis players' reaction time - Mead, T.P., Drowatzky, J.N. and Hardin-Crosby, L. (2000). Percept Mot Skills, 90(1), 236-240 (Abstract from PubMed).

Positive expectation

Ten steps to tougher tennis

Tennis abstracts - Various abstracts of tennis studies.

Tennis psychology: An overview and update - Miguel Crespo, Ph.D. To Find: Go To "search" and Enter "psychology AND tennis".

The eight greatest myths of tennis psychology - By R.A Carlstedt, Ph.D. ABSP.

The essence of imagery in tennis - By John F. Murray, Ph.D.

The importance of psychology in tennis - By Bob Litwin.

The laws of tennis psychology


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